Intense 5-Minute Core Workout | 5 Ab Exercises for at Home Workouts!

Mike Kenler
May 4, 2020

Intense 5-Minute at Home Core Workout 

Calling all Aliens! Today, we are going to tackle an intense 5-minute core workout to build stability and strength in our midsection as well as develop more defined abs. You can use this workout as a 1-set finisher or complete it multiple times for a full killer core workout. Let’s get them gains together Aliens, no limits!

Total Length: 5 minutes

Intensity Level: High

Equipment needed: None

Skill level

Beginner = Complete this workout three times. Rest after each workout for 3 minutes, then repeat.

Intermediate = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 2 minutes, then repeat.

Advanced = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 1 minute, then repeat.

To begin, find a comfortable spot in an open space. Perform each of the following exercises for sixty seconds and transition to the next exercise without a rest. If you do need a break, take one! Each time you do this circuit, try to do more reps and/or take fewer breaks.

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Once you’ve mastered this core workout performing all 5 exercises without any extra needed rests for the desired amount of sets, then you can up the total volume by increasing time per exercise or switch it up completely with the hundreds of other core workouts we have!

1. Plank

Place your forearms on the floor with your elbows beneath your shoulders. You can keep your palms flat on the floor or clasp them together. Next, dig your toes into the ground and lift your body off the floor. Be sure to keep your back straight and your abs tight as you hold this position for 60 seconds! 

2. 6-Inch Hold

Lie on your back with your hands by your sides. Contract your abs and lift your legs six inches off the ground and hold in this position. Be sure to keep your lower back in contact with the floor at all times!

3. Head Up Hold

Lie on your back with your hands by your sides. Contract your abs to lift your shoulder blades off the ground. Hold in this position for sixty seconds. If your neck gets tired, plants your hands behind your head for added stability and to alleviate any strain!

4. Side Plank

Place one foot on top of the other with your legs extended out and your body positioning on its side. Your forearm should be directly beneath your shoulder. Now, contract your obliques to raise your hips up off the ground. Keep squeezing your core to make sure your body is in a straight line. Hold this position for thirty seconds and then switch sides!

5. C-Sit Hold

Lie on your back with your hands by your sides. Then, contract your abs to bring your legs and your upper body off the ground. Keep your abs tight to balance in this position for sixty seconds!

We hope you enjoyed this intense 5- minute at home back workout. Thank you for being a part of the Anabolic Aliens community. Always feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns at .

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