Intense 5-Minute Dumbbell Calf Workout | How to Get Bigger Calves!

Mike Kenler
October 13, 2020

Intense 5-Minute Calf Workout — Dumbbells Only!

What’s up Aliens! Today, we are going through an intense workout that will help you grow those stubborn caIf muscles. It will take only five minutes and all you need is a pair of dumbbells.

This workout can be completed once as a finisher or multiple times for a killer calf workout. Let’s get started and get them gains together Aliens!

TOTAL LENGTH: 5 minutes



Skill level

BEGINNER = Complete this workout three times. Rest after each workout for 3 minutes, then repeat.

INTERMEDIATE = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 2 minutes, then repeat.

ADVANCED = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 1 minute, then repeat.

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To begin, find a comfortable spot in an open space. Perform each of the following exercises for sixty seconds and transition to the next exercise without a rest. If you do need a break, take one! Each time you do this circuit, try to do more reps, add weight and/or take fewer breaks.

1. Triple Threats  

Assume a standing position with your toes pointing straight ahead and the dumbbells by your sides. Contract your calves to rise up onto your toes. Pause briefly and slowly go back down.

Next, flare out your toes slightly and perform the same up and down motion. To complete the triple threat, flare out your toes even more and rise up and down once again. Return to the initial starting position and continue to complete this trio of calf raises! 


2. Stiff Calf Jumps

Assume a standing position with dumbbells by your sides, your feet shoulder width apart, and your toes in a neutral position pointing forward. With your knees locked, explode upwards with your calves to jump off the ground. Try to go as fast as you can!

Be sure to add dumbbells and keep your back straight!

3. Downward Outer Calf Raises 

Place the dumbbells on the ground in front of you, side by side. Assume a standing position with your feet wider than shoulder width apart and your toes flared outwards.

Keeping your back straight, hinge at the waist and squat downwards until you reach the dumbbells. Now, grab the dumbbells and contract your calves to rise up onto your toes. Squeeze your calves hard at the top and then slowly go back down. Repeat!


4. Calf Squat

Assume a standing position with your feet shoulder width apart and the dumbbells by your sides. Then, squat down until your hips are in line with your knees. Then, transition your weight onto your toes at the bottom of the squat and drive upwards through your calves. Repeat!


Hold dumbbells in each hand by your side!

5. Tip Toe Pulses

Assume a standing position with your feet close together and the dumbbells by your side. Rise up onto your toes and quickly pulse up and down. Keep pulsing for 60 seconds!

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