Intense 4-Minute Tabata Dumbbell Tricep Workout | Get Lean with HIIT!

Mike Kenler
September 14, 2020

Intense Tabata Tricep Workout — Dumbbells Only!

What’s up Aliens! It’s Workout Wednesday and that means we are going to crush another workout together during the busy stretch of the week. Today we are going to tackle a tricep workout using a tabata training technique. 

Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training that will make you expend calories faster, burn more fat, and build more muscle. Let’s get them gains together Aliens!

TOTAL LENGTH: 4 minutes



Skill level

BEGINNER = Complete the following video workout 4 times and rest after each for 2 minutes and 15 seconds.

INTERMEDIATE = Complete the following video workout 5 times and rest after each for 1 minute and 30 seconds. 

ADVANCED = Complete the following video workout 5 times and rest after each for 45 seconds.

To begin, find a comfortable spot in an open space. Perform each of the following exercises for twenty seconds of high intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest, then transition to the next exercise.

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Complete the exercises in a round format. This means that since there are 4 exercises in the circuit, you’ll finish all 4 then go back to the first exercise and repeat in the same order following the 20:10 interval. 

Two rounds of the 4 exercises will be considered 1 full circuit set. If you do need a break, take one! Each time you do this circuit, try to do more reps, add more weight and/or take fewer breaks.

1. Close Grip Skull Crusher 

Lie on your back with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Hold the dumbbells above your chest with your palms facing forwards and engage your core.

With your elbows in a fixed position, hinge your elbows to slowly bring the dumbbells down over your forehead. Contract your triceps to extend your arms back into the straight position at the top. Repeat for as many reps as possible!


2. Tate Closed Press 

Lie on your back with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Grasp the handles of both dumbbells then push the dumbbells together with your palms facing away from you and your elbows flared up straight out to the side. Slowly lower the dumbbells toward your chest, while keeping your elbows flared out wide yet stable.

Pause for a moment at the bottom and contract your triceps to straighten your arms and press the dumbbells upwards. Squeeze your triceps and repeat!

3. Triple Threat Kickbacks 

Grab a pair of dumbbells with your palms facing inward. Assume a standing position with your feet roughly hip width apart. Keeping your back straight, hinge at the waist until your back is roughly parallel to the floor. Bring the dumbbells close to your chest. Bend your arms so that your elbow forms a 90 degree angle with your forearm. 

With your elbows in a fixed position, contract your triceps to bring the dumbbells behind you until your arms are fully extended. Squeeze your triceps at the top of the rep, pause for a moment, then slowly return to the starting position.

Next, complete this motion but extend the dumbbells slightly away from your body. Afterwards, complete the motion a third time, extending the dumbbells even further away from the body. Think about it as in 3 different elbow angles: straight back, diagonal, and to the side. Repeat this trio of kickbacks for as many reps as possible during the working intervals.

4. Palms Forward Overhead Extension 

Assume a standing position with your feet roughly shoulder width apart. Grasp each dumbbell by the shaft and make sure your palms are facing forward. With your elbows tucked in and your arms close to your head, slowly lower the weight until your elbows and forearms make a 90-degree angle.

Keep your upper arms still and allow your forearms to move freely. Next, use your triceps to drive the dumbbells upwards in a controlled fashion to the starting position. Repeat!

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