Barbell Beast

Complete Workout Program Bundle

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Build a body to be confident in and unleash your inner beast with the best barbell specific workout programs in the galaxy.

Learn how to take advantage of the barbell and its versatility from powerlifting bench press world record holder Mike Rosa across over 45 barbell specific follow-along workout videos.

Each of the 3 Barbell Only Workout Programs included in Barbell Beast has adjustable difficulty settings so you can train at your level and progress at your rate. They are designed to be repeated week-after-week with small adjustments based on your desired goal. Mike has used his powerlifting experience and nutrition and wellness degree to ensure each program has the appropriate amount of rest built-in for optimal growth and recovery.

Each program also has a nutrition section where you’ll learn how to optimize your nutrition with your caloric maintenance value and how to use macros to bulk or cut. Each program also has an additional bonus content section with even more helpful knowledge on how to survive the holidays and injury prevention.

On top of all of that, Barbell Beast also includes two complimentary eBooks and includes all barbell content that we will release in the future. That’s right, after you have access to Barbell Beast, you’ll receive new and updated content for free!

What are you waiting for? Join the barbell brigade of committed aliens and unlock monthly or lifetime access to all Anabolic Aliens barbell programs today!

 *If you have to buy a barbell, we recommend Werksan Barbells.

  • What's Included in this Bundle?
    Over 24 Hours of Beastly Barbell Content!
  • What Equipment do I Need?
    A Barbell and desired weight plates!
  • How Difficult are the Programs Included?
    Adjust between Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.
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Here's what's included:

The 4-Day-A-Week Barbell Only Workout Program,

The 5-Day-A-Week Barbell Only Workout Program,

The 6-Day-A-Week Barbell Only Workout Program,

Our eBook on Building Lean Muscle,

Our eBook on Maintaining Long Term Fitness,

Marco and Calorie Counting Instructions,

Downloadable Bulking and Cutting Guides,

Injury Prevention Advice,

Access to the Anabolic Aliens Invasion Members Group,

Access to the Premium Invasion Email List,

and way more!

You'll also receive all future barbell specific workout programs and content without a price raise!