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I started making YouTube fitness videos in 2014. Now the Anabolic Aliens YouTube channel reaches over 460,000 subscribers all over the world. I also have a reach of over 750,000 people across all my social media platforms.

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Mike Rosa

My name is Mike Rosa and I am the CEO/Founder of Anabolic Aliens LLC as well as the creator of the workout app Exerprise. I am a University of New Hampshire graduate with my B.S. in Nutrition & Wellness. Originally, I went to Western New England University to play baseball, but ended up transferring to UNH and pursuing powerlifting as my new sport. My first powerlifting meet was in the summer of 2014 going into my sophomore year of college. I ended up breaking two world records (Bench Press & Total) and multiple state records in the RPS federation in future meets. Currently, I compete in the USAPL Federation and plan to compete in the USAPL 2018 Nationals competition. The summer of 2014 was the same summer Anabolic Aliens started. Anabolic Aliens’ name was created on the basis of not wanting to be just your average fitness brand with fitness in the name. It was intended to be able to have fun with it, never limit content meaning have topics covering nearly anything, and to stand out through personality. It also is a play on words by anabolic meaning to grow or to build and aliens being not from earth so like gains out of this world! My fitness interests though originally sparked back to when I was a senior at Chelmsford High School in Massachusetts. My mom and I did the entire Insanity program together. Some mornings we were waking up at 5AM before school just to make sure we got the day’s workout in. I fell in love with exercise and results so much that I wanted to help others experience it too. I got my ISFTA personal training certification and I worked as a Group Fitness Instructor running H.I.I.T. and strength classes for the University of New Hampshire as well as a personal trainer and boot camp instructor for Cassa Health & Wellness out of Groton, MA. I specialize in strength, hypertrophy, and endurance training as well as fat loss and weight management. I preach the concept of Power-Building, which means getting stronger and more muscular while remaining at a healthy, and appealing body-fat percentage. If you can’t find me in the gym, I love playing sports and doing outside activities. One of my biggest goals with Anabolic Aliens is to take away excuses for people not to exercise but also have fun with it!

I appreciate everyone who supports me and will always do my absolute best to help, motivate, educate, entertain, and inspire. HAVE NO LIMITS AND NEVER SETTLE!