Intense 5 Minute At Home Bodyweight Quad Workout | Build Bigger Legs!

Yara Mersi
September 14, 2020

Intense 5 Minute At Home Bodyweight Quad Workout

Aliens don’t skip leg day! These 5 exercises will tone, strengthen and sculpt your quads. Your quads are made up of four muscles so varying the exercises, reps, and intensity is crucial to maximize growth. The following bodyweight workout will fire each of them up so you can build strong, sculpted legs. This workout takes a minimum of 5 minutes to complete, so no excuses!

Total Length: 5 minutes

Intensity Level: High

Equipment needed: None

Skill Level

Beginner = Complete this workout three times. Rest after each workout for 3 minutes, then repeat.

Intermediate = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 2 minutes, then repeat.

Advanced = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 1 minute, then repeat.

Perform each of the following exercises for sixty seconds and transition to the next exercise without a rest. If you do need a break, take one! Each time you do this circuit, try to beat your reps from the first round. You will get better and better!

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1. Jump Squat

Set up in a powerful, yet comfortable position where you can squat deep and explode off the ground. Land softly when you are coming back down to protect your knees. Make sure the jump does not sacrifice the depth of your squat. If it does, try setting your stance a little wider and point your toes slightly out. Use your arms for momentum to incorporate your full body or keep them still for more focused leg work. 


2. Close to Wide Squat Jumps

This is an in-out jump squat variation where you keep alternating between wide and narrow jump squats. When you jump up, separate your feet in mid air to transition. While it does involve a little jump, focus more on your squat depth and form. Repeat!

*Kettlebell Optional*

3. Speed Squat

Set up in a normal squat stance, shoulder width apart. Make sure you keep your torso upright. Squat low and come back up quickly. Keep the intensity high but ensure your form is under control. 

*Here’s the form, now speed it up!*

4. Squat Pulse

Set up in your normal squat stance. Squat down sitting back on your heels and when you reach parallel come to a quick pause, and start pulsing above and below hip level. The constant tension will make you feel that burn quick!

5. Squat Hold

Place your feet shoulder width and turn your feet out slightly. Keep your chest upright and sit back on your heels squatting down. Hold at the bottom maintaining hip level squeezing your quads hard.

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