Intense 5-Minute at Home Shoulder Workout for Stronger Shoulders!

Mike Kenler
May 4, 2020

Intense 5 Minute Body Weight Shoulder Workout

Calling all Aliens! Far too often, people under-train their shoulders and over-train their chest, back, and arms. For those who workout at home, there is a preconceived notion that you’re not able to make shoulder gains without equipment. That is completely false! It’s time you start making your delt day a priority. If you want to become stronger and more aesthetic overall, you cannot neglect your deltoids.

Today, take just five minutes of time and complete this intense 5-minute at Home shoulder workout. You will absolutely feel it tomorrow!

Total Length: 5 minutes

Intensity Level: High

Equipment needed: None!

Skill level

Beginner = Complete this workout three times. Rest after each workout for 3 minutes, then repeat.

Intermediate = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 2 minutes, then repeat.

Advanced = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 1 minute, then repeat.

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Perform each of the following exercises for sixty seconds and transition to the next exercise without a rest. Take a rest if you need it and get right back at it. Each time you do this circuit, aim for more reps and less breaks!

1. Plank-Ups

Pinch your shoulder blades together as you lower and explode back up while keeping tightness in your delts.

2. Prayer Pushes

Push your hands together as if you are praying. Keep pushing as hard as you can and raise your hands above your head.

3. Circle Pulls

Grasp your hands together and pull apart as hard as you can. Now, rock your shoulders in a circular motion. Be sure to keep your shoulders up for maximum results.

4. Scissors

Raise your hands out in front of you with your palms facing down. Now, move your arms laterally back and forth in a scissor-like motion. Keep those arms up high to feel the burn!

5. Y-Ups

With your palms facing down, raise your arms up to form a “Y” shape. This exercise is simple but extremely effective!


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