Intense 5-Minute Dumbbell Trap Workout | Get Bigger Traps Today!

Mike Kenler
May 4, 2020

Intense 5 Minute Trap Workout with Dumbbells

Attention Aliens! It’s Workout Wednesday! For this mid-week workout, we are going to do an intense 5 minute dumbbell workout for the traps. 

Total Length: 5 minutes

Intensity Level: High

Equipment needed: Dumbbells

Skill level

Beginner = Complete this workout three times. Rest after each workout for 3 minutes, then repeat.

Intermediate = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 2 minutes, then repeat.

Advanced = Complete this workout four times. Rest after each workout for 1 minute, then repeat.

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To begin, find a comfortable spot in an open space. Perform each of the following trapezius strengthening exercises for sixty seconds and transition to the next exercise without a rest. If you do need a break, take one! Each time you do this circuit, try to do more reps and/or take fewer breaks.

1. Speed Front Shrugs 

With your palms facing your body and the dumbbells together, shrug up and down at a fast pace. 

2. Close Upright Row

With your palms facing towards your body, contract your traps and drive your elbows upwards. Make sure you keep them above the wrists while squeezing your traps.

3. Back Shrug

Pinch your shoulder blades together and shrug upwards with the dumbbells behind your body.

4. Lateral Raise Trap Squeeze

With your arms straight out to the side and your palms facing forwards, raise your arms until your dumbbells touch at the top of the rep. When you reach the top, make sure to shrug your shoulders up, pause for a moment, and squeeze your traps. You don’t need to bring your arms all the way down during the motion, as you should focus on contracting your traps with your arms above your head.

5. Overhead Shrug

With your arms straight and positioned above your head, contract your traps to shrug upwards. Keep your elbows still during this exercise and remember you are shrugging, not pressing!

Pictured here without weight. Grab a pair of dumbbells for the overhead shrug!

We hope you enjoyed this intense 5-minute dumbbell trap. Thank you for being a part of the Anabolic Aliens community. Always feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns at

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